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Vida Vacations is a luxury destination club that offers you access to amazing vacation experiences at the finest and most exclusive resorts in the world. Whatever happiness means to you, Vida Vacations will help you find your own piece of paradise and true happiness through spectacular vacations.

Why Vida

We are here to help you make memories that last a lifetime — to find your true happiness. And we do it by helping you create unique and unforgettable vacation experiences in Mexico and around the world. See what makes Vida different




As a Vida Vacations member, you have access to the exclusive Vidanta destinations — seven stunning resorts unlike anything you’ve ever seen, where everything has been designed with a single goal in mind: your happiness. Explore the Vidanta destinations

Resort Hotels

When you stay at a Vidanta destination, your days begin and end in luxurious resort hotels
with everything you need for a perfect vacation.