Discover what our team of luxury travel experts are bringing to the table.


At Vida Vacations, we believe that there’s nothing as invigorating as sharing new experiences with those you love. So we created a bespoke destination club that honors those convictions while using a personalized approach to create custom memberships that offer exactly the type of luxury you crave. After all, there’s no family like yours—why not give them the one-of-a-kind memories they deserve?


Your vacations are precious. At Vida Vacations, we provide the services and quality to prove that we value your time off as much as you do.

  • Tailored Memberships

    Why settle for a one-size-fits-all vacation when you can have every trip customized to your unique travel needs and preferences?

  • Access to the Best

    With your membership, you can experience the famous service and luxury of Vidanta, a collection of luxury vacation resorts and experiences.

  • Travel the World

    Vida Vacations has cultivated a network of exchange partners who offer access to the most exceptional and high-end travel experiences on the planet.

  • Exceptional Service

    Whether you’re relaxing at a resort or speaking with one of our representatives, you’ll always enjoy personalized care that goes the extra mile.


It started in 1974, with the introduction of a new standard of excellence in family vacationing. That conviction grew into the world of Vidanta, a company best known for its gorgeous beach resorts, with an uncompromising service-first approach to travel experiences.

Vida Vacations honors that heritage, offering memberships that provide access to Vidanta’s newest, most groundbreaking experiences while showing the same unwavering commitment to the customer in every step of the vacation process.